Softbless team are very responsive during our project. Sincere and professional service in providing solution are the kind of service that we get from Softbless team.

Amang Nurpraneko, CAPM, Project Manager - PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk

Softbless are very cooperative and always respond quickly to our queries. They definitely understands our requirements and managed to effectively deliver the required solutions.

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Commitment to provide the best service quality is the distinct characteristic of Softbless. Their team have good combination of both technical and interpersonal skills.

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To become the leading open source solutions provider and to provide the clients most valued services.

Mission and Values

  • Focus to our customers, and build long term relationship
  • Work as a team with our customers
  • Provide most reliable service support
  • Dedication to on time delivery
  • Employees are our most important asset
  • Open communication among all employees

Why Open Source CRM?

Although Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has existed since a few years ago, but still many companies are hesitant to try to use them. This is mostly due to the wrong perception of open source, such as that the open source systems are less powerful or less reliable than proprietary systems, also that open source does not provide support to the users. But Martin Schneider, Senior Director SugarCRM (one of Open Source CRM service provider) give different perspective, open source CRM now, is as reliable as proprietary systems, and price could be less expensive and give better results.

So what are the considerations for your company to use open source CRM? Here are some reasons.

Do More with Less . We exclude Community Edition from our , including SugarCRM Community Edition. Paid editions of Such as Professional SugarCRM and Enterprise Edition when compared to proprietary systems like Salesforce.com, SugarCRM Enterprise Edition is still less expensive significantly. Price $ 600 per user/year compared to $ 1,500 per user/year. With the same features, functions and support.

Professional Service Support. Commercial open source CRM, has the same support compared to proprietary systems, both online and by phone, depending on which services who you buy. There are also many online forums and message board where users can obtain free help and advice. For open source CRM Community Edition, there many vendors who provide support services.

Control and Modification. Because the open source CRM solutions using open standard, where the program code can be obtained by anyone, of course it'seasier to modify than proprietary CRM program. You can do the modifications by yourself without having to pay to another party.

User Friendly. Generally, internet users say that open source CRM is easier to use, this was due to more familiar interface. Open source CRM is generally put on a web-based interface, while proprietary use non web-based interface. The learning process will be faster and less time for training.

Better Integration. In general, the commercial open source CRM, can be integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other applications.

Highly Scalable. Unlike the proprietary solutions, you change scale/number of users in commercial open source CRM easily. Suppose we want to increase the number of users into several hundred more users will be more effective if we use open source CRM. To be more specific if this application operate in the cloud-based environment, where the cloud-based general use open source so the change/increase in scale to some degree canbe carried out without adding significant cost, because the price of hardware and storage media is relatively cheap and the software infrastructure is basically Free.

Run on any platform. Basically, open-source can work on platform or any application, meaning no hardware investment required nor new software.

Run on any devices. open source CRM solution can be accessed via PC, laptops or other mobile device with a connection to the internet. Freedom device usage is important, because it means the company can access their CRM programs on any device, without additional hardware or restrict usage only to multiple types of devices, Schneider reviewed.

Mobility Support. While in general CRM applications can be run on mobile devices, SugarCRM mobility with a higher priority launched the "Sugar 6" this summer. Sugar mobile applications can be obtained free for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, even for any type of mobile phone. Why is this so important? Say for example you're a small businessman who has eight salesmen, eg Salesman A wearing the iPhone, B and C use the Blackberry, and others use HTC or even Motorola, with open source CRM they can remain use the same application with the same functionality, can access same database, without needing to change anything on their mobile phones. This means that employers do not need to purchase additional costs new cellular phone device, Ugrade programs, services or otherwise.

Rapid Fix and Patch . Provider of open source solutions in general can be more quickly in providing updates/patches from proprietary software company. So that error correction program and new features, can be more quickly released, and updates system can be done through the web simultaneously without disturbing the business process.

Reference: http://www.ecrmguide.com/article.php/3886511

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