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Softbless Solutions is an Information Technology company, providing implementation services for open source applications. Softbless is highly experienced in installation, implementation, configuration, training, support and optimization of a wide range of open source solutions, some of which won a Bossie Award (InfoWorld) and included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. We provide high-value services in a timely and appropriate solution for your requirements.

We are open source implementation expert based in Indonesia.

Why open source?

People could have free access using the open source solutions, and they report their testing result to open source principal.

Instead of building from scratch, using open source solution, will save you a lot time for developing system that fits with your requirements. 

Hundreds of developers involved in open source solution development that usually involve best practices. Many developers keep their eyes on development process, so we could get better system quality.

Open source solutions rarely locked in to certain application server or database engine. You could have many options for selecting hardware, application server, database management. Thus will lower the total cost of ownership. You will also get the freedom to customize as you want after the implementation.

With open source solutions, you could have options to customize it by yourself, or by using services from initial implementation vendor, or other vendor.

Open source license, enable you to legally customising it.

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Best Practices Development

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End to End Open Source Solutions

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We provide service for these open source solutions and applications. 

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