Softbless team are very responsive during our project. Sincere and professional service in providing solution are the kind of service that we get from Softbless team.

Amang Nurpraneko, CAPM, Project Manager - PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk

Softbless are very cooperative and always respond quickly to our queries. They definitely understands our requirements and managed to effectively deliver the required solutions.

Dewi Adi A, Product Manager - 3M Indonesia

Commitment to provide the best service quality is the distinct characteristic of Softbless. Their team have good combination of both technical and interpersonal skills.

Hery Atmadja, President Director - Infinity Solution


To become the leading open source solutions provider and to provide the clients most valued services.

Mission and Values

  • Focus to our customers, and build long term relationship
  • Work as a team with our customers
  • Provide most reliable service support
  • Dedication to on time delivery
  • Employees are our most important asset
  • Open communication among all employees

Mekanisme Delete File di Allfresco

Mekanisme Delete File di Document Management System Alfresco
  • User menghapus, akan masuk ke Recycle Bin/Deleted Items. Dan akan tetap di sana selamanya selain user tersebut/Admin delete permanently dari Profile di "Manage Deleted Items"
  • Setelah itu, file fisik tersebut tetap ada di alf_data/contentstore. Baru setelah melewati system.content.orphanProtectDays (yang ada di repository.properties), file fisik akan dipindahkan dari alf_data/contentstore ke alf_data/contentstore.deleted. Nilai default dari system.content.orphanProtectDays adalah 14 hari.
  • Setelah itu admin secara manual/scheduler bisa menghapus isi dari alf_data/contentstore.deleted
  • Memang sedikit rumit, karena Alfresco didesain untuk berhati-hati dalam menghapus content.

Beberapa nilai repository.properties yang perlu disesuaikan :
  • system.content.orphanProtectDays adalah durasi pemindahan file yang dihapus dari recycle bin, dari direktori contentstore ke direktori contentstore.deleted
  • system.content.orphanCleanup.cronExpression=0 0 4 * * ? berarti scheduler jalan setiap jam 4 pagi.

About Softbless

We are the expert for Alfresco and Liferay implementation, including training, support, configuratino and customization. We have national and multi national scaled clients.

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